About Me

Hello, my name is Filip and I am from Macedonia. I ❤️ all things web related, especially WebAssembly and PWAs. I mostly do Frontend development (JavaScript, Angular, React, Redux…) but I do enjoy Backend development as well (NodeJS, NestJS, GraphQL…). I’m also a big fan of Linux and Open Source in general.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia. During my studies (December 2018), I have interned at Intertec.io as a Web Developer but mostly doing Frontend. The internship really helped me find out what I am good at. During the internship I worked on a project with Angular, NodeJS and Google AMP.

I started working as a web developer around April 2019 at Intertec.io. I’ve made web applications and responsive websites for worldwide clients. I worked with technologies such as ReactJS, GraphQL, NestJS, MongoDB and MySQL. I also have experience with SCSS, Bootstrap and Material UI.

In my free time I love to travel and cook. I am also a huge Sci-fi nerd 🤓🚀🖖.