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Hello! I am Filip. Here you can see some of my thoughts and ramblings about tech, software development and maybe other things. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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Top 3 new JS features that made my life better

My top 3 new features that made my life better and made me love JS even more.

| 2021-03-18

Fish Shell - Is it time to replace Bash and Zsh ?

Fish is an alternative shell for Linux that some might consider to be a significant upgrade to what Bash has to offer.

| 2021-02-08

Using CSS Modules with create-react-app

Coming up with new class names for slightly different components can get hard really quick. Let's see how we can solve that in React with CSS Modules.

| 2020-07-14

React and Tailwind CSS Setup

What if there was a way to achieve responsive UI without being bound by the rules of any UI kit? Let's get started with TailwindCSS and React.

| 2020-03-24