14 Apr 2024

My thoughts on AI for developers

My honest thoughts on AI for developers, the good and the bad sides

21 Sep 2023

Labeled statements - the forgotten JS feature

JavaScript has a relatively unknown functionality which allows you to label statements.

18 Jan 2023

Benchmarking web servers in different languages

Testing out web servers in different languages to know the difference when choosing the backend tech for my next project.

18 Mar 2021

Top 3 new JS features that made my life better

My top 3 new features that made my life better and made me love JS even more.

08 Feb 2021

Fish Shell - Is it time to replace Bash and Zsh ?

Fish is an alternative shell for Linux that some might consider to be a significant upgrade to what Bash has to offer.

14 Jul 2020

Using CSS Modules with create-react-app

Coming up with new class names for slightly different components can get hard really quick. Let's see how we can solve that in React with CSS Modules.

24 Mar 2020

React and Tailwind CSS Setup

What if there was a way to achieve responsive UI without being bound by the rules of any UI kit? Let's get started with TailwindCSS and React.